3 Ways to Ditch the Flame

3 Ways to Ditch the Flame

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to providing products that not only bring fresh scents into your home but also prioritize the well-being of the earth, animals, and the community. If you're seeking a safe alternative to traditional candles, we've got you covered! Here are some of our favorite flame-free alternatives that allow you to enjoy delightful fragrances worry-free.


We're currently enchanted by the simplicity and effectiveness of reed diffusers. With no flame, on/off switch, or plug, these elegant creations continuously infuse your home with captivating scents. Enjoy the relief of not having to keep an eye on it, unplug it, or blow it out. Our beautiful reed bouquets not only provide a wonderful way to scent your space but also double as stylish home decor pieces. Get yours here https://bunnylassmelts.com/products/reed-diffusers



For those who adore the ambiance of candles without the flame, our wickless candles are a perfect choice. Functioning as both beautiful decor items and scent diffusers, these candles effortlessly perfume large areas. Their generous size and robust scent mean you don't even need to melt them on a warmer to enjoy their fragrance fully. However, if you choose to use them on a warmer, they can fill spaces just like traditional candles. Please note that, as they require electricity for warming, it's advisable to monitor them while in use. Time to find yours https://bunnylassmelts.com/collections/wickless-candles




Ideal for those on the go, our Air Freshies are versatile companions. Originally designed for your car, you can also toss them in your luggage to keep your clothes smelling fresh or use them in your closet or drawers to maintain your at-home wardrobe's freshness. Whether you're traveling or simply want a burst of delightful scent, Air Freshies offer a convenient and fragrant solution. Get your Freshies today! https://bunnylassmelts.com/products/air-freshies


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