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Orange Skies Wax Melts

Orange Skies Wax Melts

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Attention, fellow adventurers of the sky! Prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other with our Orange Skies Wax Melts. Picture yourself soaring across the sun-kissed skies of Southern California as the fragrant notes of orange peel and fresh citrus juice dance above fields of just-bloomed orange blossoms. And what's that, flying enthusiasts? A sturdy base of Valencia leaves grounding you amidst the clouds.

But wait, before you take flight, ensure you're equipped with our 1.0 oz set of baby buns, totaling 8 pieces, meticulously crafted from soy grown in the heartlands of the US. Rest assured, our products are cruelty-free and tailored for those embracing the vegan lifestyle.

Now, fellow aviators, heed this: the scents in our Happy Places collection are our very own interpretation of beloved locales, not officially affiliated with any specific destinations. So as you indulge in the essence of Orange Skies, remember, it's our tribute to the majesty of SoCal skies, a homage to the freedom of flight, and an invitation to explore the boundless beauty of the world from above. Prepare for takeoff, adventurers, and let your senses soar with Orange Skies!

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