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Lavender Driftwood Baby Buns - Soy Wax Melts

Lavender Driftwood Baby Buns - Soy Wax Melts

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Ahoy there mateys! Let me tell you about Lavender Driftwood - the scent that'll make you feel like you're cruising on a yacht in the open sea. It's not your ordinary lavender scent, oh no! It's got a twist from cypress, cedar, and amber.

This scent is so versatile that it's perfect for everyone. It's a great fit for those who love a bold and fresh scent, and it's perfect for spas or homes that want to smell like a luxurious getaway.

Lavender Driftwood is made with natural essential oils like orange, eucalyptus, pine, clove bud, lemon, elemi, galbanum, clary sage, lavandin, olibanum, petitgrain, geranium, cedarwood, and carrot seed. It's like a refreshing breath of sea air with a hint of lavender to soothe your senses. So, set sail with Lavender Driftwood and let it transport you to a world of pure bliss!

These cute wax melts are about an inch tall and pack a punch. Using 1 or 2 at a time is perfect, but you can always use less or more depending on how much fragrance you like. Each set includes 8 baby buns (1 oz total). Wax melts can be used with any tea light or electric wax warmer. The wax melts come in mylar smell-proof bags to help retain the scent for a very long time.  Our wax melts are safe for our pets, however always check with your vet before using any home fragrance products.  Our baby buns are dye-free and are colored with ethically sourced mica powder.

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