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Séance Wax Melts

Séance Wax Melts

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Step into the mystical realm of Séance Wax Melts, where the veil between worlds is thin and the scent of the unknown beckons. Allow yourself to be entranced by the enigmatic essence of this nondescript forest, a fragrance that tantalizes the senses with its captivating ambiguity.

As you wander through the shadowed woods, winter berries whisper secrets of seasons past, their mysterious allure guiding you deeper into the unknown. But fear not, for amidst the chill of the air, you'll discover the comforting warmth of tonka, sweet musk, and patchouli, like whispers from the spirits themselves.

But heed this, seeker of mysteries: within each set of baby buns lies 1.0 oz of ethereal essence, totaling 8 pieces crafted from soy grown on the sacred soils of the US. Our products are blessed with the virtue of cruelty-free creation and are tailored for those who tread the path of the vegan.

Remember, dear traveler of the unseen, the scents within our Happy Places collection are but glimpses into the mysteries of our favorite realms, not bound to any earthly affiliation. So let Séance be your guide, your divination into the realms beyond, as you explore the unknown and unlock the secrets of the soul.

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