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Pleasant Patchouli 6.0 oz wickless candle

Pleasant Patchouli 6.0 oz wickless candle

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Embark on a fragrant journey with "Patchouli Perfection" by The Bunny Lass, where cruelty-free meets captivating, long-lasting scents! Immerse yourself in the exquisite aroma of this wickless candle, meticulously hand-poured in our kitchen and adorned with dried lilies, lemongrass, and chrysanthemums for a touch of natural elegance.

Crafted from 100% US-grown soy wax, this 6 oz candle ensures a smokeless and eco-friendly melt. Patchouli takes center stage, harmoniously blended with soothing lavender and exotic hibiscus, creating a fragrance that is both inviting and sophisticated. The result is a perfect fusion of comfort and compassion, enriching your surroundings with a scent that lingers for over 60 hours.

At The Bunny Lass, we take pride in being cruelty-free and vegan suitable, aligning our products with your values. Our commitment extends beyond delightful fragrances – each candle is a unique creation, reflecting our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Hand-decorated with dried botanicals, our candles not only infuse your space with a delightful scent but also bring a natural and personalized touch to your decor. Our fragrances are free from phthalates and carcinogens, prioritizing your safety and well-being.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to giving back. Every month, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting various charities, making each transaction a meaningful contribution to something bigger than ourselves. Join us in creating a fragrant world of kindness and conscious living with Patchouli Perfection from The Bunny Lass – where every scent tells a story of compassion and care.

Materials: Soy
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